H’Lang is the name of a prehistory lithic workshop site in Yang Nam hamlet, Kong Ch’ro district, Gia Lai province, Central Highland of Vietnam. The investigation work from 2014 discovered H’Lang were a group of 7 locations distribute in 1 km2 area where the ancient people made their stone tools and dating back circa 3.500 - 4.000 years ago.

In December of 2017, Center for Archaeological Studies (Southern Institute of Social Sciences) and Gia Lai Museum conducted an excavation at H’Lang site in the place numbered 6 and 7 in total of 51m2 and also found two more location named H’Lang 8 and 9 from investigation work. This excavation exposed the surfaces of manufacture places where the craftsman had made the stone tool with the cultural layer thickness about 20 - 40cm dense of material, flakes, preform and unfinished stone tool by opal material.

The products show that they had two lines of shouldered tool and non-shouldered tool with the popular of axe and adze, most of the artifacts were made by flaking technic and pressure flaking.  Grinding stone very few in this excavation, its show that the products could be finished in settlement sites.

Prelimitary excavation result showed that H’Lang is one of the important lithic workshop site in Central Highland of Vietnam. It has more meaning when compare with other sites from adjacent region or further about the manufacture technic and social devision labor pattern.





Nguyen Quoc Manh

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